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Being a starving artist is no fun, so when I needed money my woman suggested I work with her at a classy massage parlor uptown. My guys have always adored my massages so it sounded perfect for me. I’ve always been outgoing and I like people, its part of my internet dating service profile. The setting of the studio was relaxed, with a perk for the clientele, if tipped nicely, the attendants could take off their robes to reveal sexy lingerie. I love showing off my body, so this was also a perk for me! On my first night I was nervous and excited. My first customer was pretty good looking, and after taking some heated oil into my palms I started by rubbing his whole back, warming his skin to my touch. When I started on his shoulders and neck he said, “I, uh, I was hoping…” Stopping what I was doing happily I dropped my robe and gave him a huge smile. From where I was standing he couldn’t see much more than my legs, until he turned his head sideways. Then he stared at my torso, the top of my black panties just peeking over the table and the bottom of my overflowing bra hanging over his face. I had been so turned on by his attention I leaned into my work, rubbing my full nipples over his back with each hand stroke. He squirmed under my touch, squishing his growing shaft beneath his smooth muscular body. Then he turned over. I know that you won’t turn face up for a massage, but I didn’t care. I just continued to rub his body with my fingers and palms, leaning in even closer until my chest hit him in the face. His open mouth caught my fabric-covered nipple on his tongue, and I practically exploded. “Sorry to quit, I need to take care of something”, fast, I said as I reached inside my now wet panties to play. My clitoris was enormous and throbbing, and as I gently fluttered my fingertips over it they slipped in the wet juices that had seeped through my lusty labia. I gasped when he bent over and started to help me with his tongue! He was sloppy, but successful. After I came I pulled him into the hot tub and let him massage my insides with his thick helmeted rod. We fit like a plug and socket, and screwed until I came again. Afterwards he asked me where he could find a girl like me? I told him about the internet dating service! “I’m only several clicks away.”

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